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Widely considered one of America's top real estate brokers and mentors, Lisa Binggeli is a dynamic force of nature in the real estate industry and beyond. She leads a team of 35 elite agents and has personally sold over $200 million in real estate.

Lisa is the visionary creator of Agent Leader and The Brokerage Firm Fix, the industry's most comprehensive and effective training programs for agents and brokers, which have generated more than $1 billion in sales.

Additionally, she is the founder and dynamic host of EQUIP, the real estate industry's premier live event that brings together the world's most renowned personal and professional development coaches to empower agents and broker owners to excel in today's competitive market.

Lisa's expertise extends beyond real estate, as she is also a highly sought-after Certified High Performance Coach and Life Coach, known for helping individuals and businesses across various industries optimize their productivity, profitability, and overall performance.

Headshot of Lisa Binggeli, top real estate broker, mentor, and creator of Agent Leader and The Brokerage Firm Fix, known for her high-performance coaching.


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Headshot of Dave M., who praises Lisa Binggeli's Agent Leader program for its valuable real estate training and step-by-step success path.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Binggeli about 3 months ago during my search for a new brokerage.

I cannot express how valuable her content and knowledge of the industry are. The Agent Leader program provides a detailed, step-by-step path for long-term success within an industry that is muddled with different theories and techniques on how to win.

Lisa's passion for real estate is infectious and she truly cares about the success of each and every one of her students, she truly is a servant leader. If you are new to the industry or struggling to find your footing, the Agent Leader training will help you fill your daily schedule with tasks that are money-making activities with a multitude of different options on how to do so rather than the generic answer of "call your sphere".

Before teaming up with Lisa I saw her listings everywhere and always wondered how one agent could garner so much business, the answer is in the training!! If you want to win and set yourself apart in a very challenging industry Lisa's Agent Leader training is by far the best way to do so!"

- Dave M.

Real Estate Business Growth & Mindset Coaching:ASK A COACH Every Thursday 9:00 am MDT

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