Why can't it be easier???

When it feels like it's not enough...

March 24, 20243 min read

Have you ever felt like your business was painful, or maybe it simply feels harder than you envisioned it would be when you started?

Maybe you've worked on your mindset, you're doing all the right things and aren't finding the flow state you hoped for.

In the middle of January, it was 30 degrees in Idaho. The wind was blowing and I would use the words "freaking cold" to describe how it felt.

So, of course, I put on my swimsuit, headed to my back patio, turned on some T-Swift, and dipped into my cold plunge that held a freezing 37-degree water temperature.

As I lowered myself in it felt cold. Numbingly cold.

Submersed in the freezing cold water I held in place.

One 3 minute song is all I need. The countdown is on.

The first minute is the hardest. It burns a slight bit. But once you're past the first 60 seconds you're in the all feels the same after that.

I sing loud and proud some T-Swift "The Man" to distract my mind from the pain of what I'm doing. This 3:10 song will carry me through.

I emerge feeling amazing and vibrant. The temporary pain is worth the boost to my brain. The reward is exponential.

I was in love with this routine.....until.....March 22nd.

It was 50 degrees outside and my water temp this week was a manageable 57 degrees F.

I strutted my stuff out to the back patio (okay, in my mind it was a strut lol) and I felt like this plunge was going to be a piece of cake!

As I dipped in and started my song something peculiar happened.

I was shivering! Uncontrollably shivering.

I tried to hold still like I always do but this was far from enjoyable. I shivered through all 3 minutes and after all that I didn't get the brain boost I usually do. What???

I was left wondering how the colder temperature could possibly feel less intense.

Here's what my teenager pointed out (she's so aware and smart).

57 degrees is cold....but it's not cold enough. 57 degrees is dabbling, so it's actually harder to endure. It's almost like 57 degrees isn't fully committing.

Makes sense.

So, do you ever find yourself 'dabbling' in your business? You'll maybe try something new but retain some reservations to protect yourself.

You're in it, but not fully committed until you see proof that it works- so you're experiencing all of the pain and none of the reward.

The promise of your business being amazing isn't coming to fruition, so now what?

You need to level up the intensity.

37 degrees feels scary. It feels numbing. It feels hard.

Approaching a dip in 37 degrees in your business feels uncertain and you have reservations.

But the reward of going all-in is exponential.

So today, Experience life more fully. Dig deeper. Go harder. Choose different. Dream bigger. Reach higher. Engage in something new and something amazing.

Experience your life at 37 degrees.

Wishing you all the best this week.

❤️ Coach Lisa Binggeli

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