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Why endure the struggle when you could press the easy button?

December 10, 20233 min read

One winter day we were driving home from my daughter's state basketball game. Of course, it was winter time and we had a crazy Idaho snowstorm. On the freeway drive home there were semi trucks jack-knifed off the side of the road, cars sliding off, cars turned on their sides, black ice would creep up on us without warning, there were patches of fog... you get the picture, it was white knuckle clenching scary!

Another basketball mom, Stacie, was 20 miles ahead of me. She was my secret weapon and would text me updates while her husband was driving. She let me know what was coming ahead so we could be prepared. She would give me the play-by-play of the exact mile marker where there was black ice, and where there were slide-offs. With her help, it lowered our stress because we knew when to slow down, when we could speed up, and when to grip the steering wheel super tight and hope for the best!!!

snow drive

So what does this have to do with real estate you ask?

I am 20 MILES AHEAD OF YOU! I've driven through it: the buyer struggles, where to find leads, how to convert clients, how to keep them coming back, and how to crush the game of real estate by building an outstanding business full of repeat clients and referrals!

If you're ready to take your business to a serious level in 2024 I'm ready to give you guidance for each mile marker of your journey so you can be prepared to build a successful real estate business and crush it in 2024 and beyond!

Why endure the struggle alone when it can be so much easier on you? Why stay in the struggle longer than you have to when someone is offering to help you with expert guidance? 

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Life is meant to be experienced, let's make that experience more enjoyable.

❣️Coach Lisa Binggeli

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